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Bullied Onboard- The Yacht Crew from HELL !!!

by Anonymous on 04/29/20

In Yachting for over eight years, I accepted a job as Yacht Chef on a US flagged boat that I thought was going to be my forever boat, when I found out that our (one year green) First Mate was an illegal South African.  Being American, I was very upset about it as that is illegal.  It didn't help that he was very arrogant and a Millennial Know-It-All.  He was also the boyfriend of the (First-boat green) Stew and the best friend of the 2nd Mate/Deckhand who has a Captains License and a serious Criminal Record with 17 offences for DWI, Felony Drug charges, Felony Assault and Battery charges against men and WOMEN and other offenses.  One day the 1st Mate came to the galley and yelled/cursed at me about something I had said to the Stew.  I replied "All it will take is one phone call".  He stormed out of the galley.  A few minutes later the Captain came in and let it rip on me for my threatening comment.  Afterwards, the crew stopped speaking to me, stopped eating in the galley, completely ostracized me and refused to let me help with lines/fenders, etc.  They would all leave the boat together without saying a word.  I was never invited to go out with them or to socialize with them at all.  If I walked into the room where they were, they would leave.  I was alone all of the time except during meal service.  The 2nd Mate became very mean and abusive towards me.  He would scream and yell at me, call me vulgar names like "You Bitch, Stupid Bitch, Old ugly Bitch" and he would even call me the C... word!!!  He would tell me that I was a horrible cook, a lousy employee and too old to be in this industry! (See pictures of the lines he tied to see who did the horrible job).  He said I wasn't allowed in any room he was in and when he wanted to be in the galley, I had to leave.  He laughed and told a mutual friend that he was trying to make me quit, get me fired or make me have a stroke or heart attack.  It was heartbreaking and terrifying and I cried all of the time. I was so afraid of him.  I knew in my heart that if I were in trouble, he would NEVER help me!  He created an extremely hostile work environment for me.  I tried to talk to the Captain about the abuse but he said "I don't want to hear a word about him!  I can't stand those boys and if I have to hear another word, I will explode!"  So, I told the owners what was happening. I told them on several occasions. They didn't want to get involved or be bothered and told the Captain to manage his crew.  He didn't.
The Yacht Owner always hired and fired all of his crew members and the Captain was usurped by him.  The owner liked the Mates but did not like the Captain so it was as if the Mates ran the ship.  The Captain actually gave his crew room to the 1st Mate and Stew and shared the bunk room with the 2nd Mate!  The 2nd Mate sabotaged the Captain by calling inaccurate distances on the stern while Med Mooring.  Our boat collided with another and caused a lot of damage.  When we hit, I ran out back and the 2nd Mate was laughing hysterically!  He said "I turned my head for just a second"!!!  I was appalled at and couldn't believe his reaction!  An International report was filed.  The Captain also slammed the stern into the dock four times while leaving because all of the lines were still tied and none had been loosened.  He did significant damage that time.  Anyway, the Captain was spineless and afraid that he was going to lose his job so he didn't protect me.  I told the Owners that when they left the boat after the last trip, I wanted to fly out as well because I was afraid of the Mate.  They said that the 1st Mate had to fly out with them privately so he wouldn't get in trouble with immigrations.  They then handed me an envelope with a Thank You card, a tip and a note of termination pretty much saying that I didn't fit with the crew.  I had no choice but to stay onboard and make the delivery back to Fort Lauderdale.  My outside crew friends who know this Mate and I agreed that I would not go outside the boat during the delivery as we were afraid for my safety.
When we arrived at the dock in LMC, I left the boat to get a rental car.  When I returned, all of my belongings had been stuffed in my suitcases and bags and had been thrown onto the dock.  When the 2nd temporary delivery Captain (He was hired because our Captain had a problem with his license. I don't know what it was.) tried to help me by putting my items on the boat cart, the 2nd Mate yelled at him and said "She can't use that!  It belongs to the boat!  She can carry her stuff herself."  The delivery Captain didn't say anything and kept loading my belongings.  He was very sweet and helped me up the dock.  He hugged me and said how bad he felt about the way I had been treated. I have never been treated like this in my life!  After I left the boat, I was sent a picture by a friend who said that the 2nd Mate got in another fight. (See Photo).  He told the owner of the boat that he ran into something on the boat. LOL.  I was also told that the Captain collided into another yacht in the yard while attempting to move into another slip.
Is there anything I can do about this?  I need some advise please.